Pre qualification flow


Pre-qualification flow is optional

You don't need to explicitly build a separate pre-qualification flow for your customers. The standard checkout widget will automatically prompt the customer to pre-qualify if they have not been approved with limits yet.

Customer Intent token

To generate a customer intent token make a POST request to /v3/customers/{{CUSTOMER_ID}}/intent. See API reference guide at Generate customer intent

curl --request POST 
--url '{{CUSTOMER_ID}}/intent' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic {{BASE_64_ENCODED_USER_AND_PASS}}'

Frontend initialization

In the slope.js file set the flow param to pre_qualify like:

  flow: 'pre_qualify',
  intentSecret: '{{CUSTOMER_INTENT_SECRET}}',
  // other params below

Sandbox testing

In the sandbox environment, you can enter any information in the form fields. To pass underwriting and receive limits, connect any bank account using the username custom_high_bal and any password when prompted during the Plaid Link flow. To receive a rejection, simply use the default username user_good and pass_good in the Plaid Link flow.

Callback events

Upon a completion of pre-qualification, you'll receive an onSuccess() with the updated customer object. You can also make a backend GET API request to the customers endpoint for the same object. See API reference doc on GET customers